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o how does someone get so involved with roller coasters and then write a book about it? The answer is simple. For many years, I was afraid of roller coasters and thrill rides. If you mentioned the word “roller coaster”, I would cringe in fear about subjecting myself to such torture. The preceding sentence makes it look like I was afraid of everything under the sun, but if you knew me, you would know that this statement wasn’t true.

Being cautious by nature never stopped me from participating in varsity baseball and football during my high school and college days. Nor did it dissuade me from earning a private pilot’s license and learning how to fly aerobatic maneuvers. You know, like loops, rolls and hammerhead stalls. However, talk to me about roller coasters or other wild rides at your local amusement park, and that six-year-old in me would come to the surface of my psyche. My answer was always the same: “No way, man! Not coasters!” It would be that way for many years until I had a child and thought when she gets older who is going to do all these fun things with her? I knew then I needed to remove this fear. As you can imagine, it was a long journey and one that was worth taking. But something happened along the way. I realized that I was no longer a child, but an adult who actually liked to try new and different experiences. Until this point in my life, I was stuck with my childhood preconception of what roller coasters and thrill rides were supposed to be, but through my research and in actually riding the best coasters all around North America, I realized that it was fear itself that caused the disconnect between myself and these thrill rides.

2bThe intention of this book is to explore and share with you the best roller coasters and parks around the country—to find out what makes these rides so breathtaking and to help you thrill riders make your choices on where to sit and when is the best time to ride the rails. However, it has also been written to help those of you who simply fear coasters and just want to overcome the fear of these behemoths of the midway. Imagine it as a tutorial on how to overcome your fear demons… For once, you conquer a chronic childhood fear like this one, isn’t it safe to say that you will then be able to handle just about any other fear that comes your way. I say yes and after you read this book, whether you are a roller coaster enthusiast or just one in training, I believe you will enjoy the journey (through these pages) with me.

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